The exhibition and artist agency Hartmann Projects was founded in 2014 by Angelika and Markus Hartmann. In 2016 we founded the publishing house Hartmann Books and have been expanding it ever since. We represent artists*, nationally and internationally, working together with institutions, galleries, collectors, publishers and media. The works of the artists* we have in our programme must convince us and deal with the topics of our time in a creative and intelligent way.
Since January 2024, we have been located in Liststrasse, in the south of Stuttgart, in the Ziegenbein manufactory. We regularly organize exhibitions and have our publishing headquarter there. Before that, we had our office and gallery in the Galerienhaus Stuttgart for five years, which closed at the turn of the year 2023/2024.
In addition to our ideas and our work, we always rely on happy coincidences, personal encounters and the power of images to overcome cultural, religious and political boundaries.

Markus Hartmann, b.1962 in Berlin; lives and works in Stuttgart. He comes from a family of publishers and printers in Berlin. After training in publishing sales, studying at the Stuttgart Media University, and working in various positions in international publishing, he was in charge of the photography and contemporary art program at Hatje Cantz Publishers in Ostfildern from 1990 to 2013. He has been a freelance curator and author since 2014, and co-founded Hartmann Projects in 2015.

Angelika Hartmann, b.1966 in Stuttgart; lives and works in Stuttgart. Her studies at the HDM, Stuttgart and her postgraduate studies in cultural management at the PH Ludwigsburg have enabled her to gain a wide range of experience in the cultural sector as a book producer and project manager (with Mair Dumont and Hatje Cantz) and as a cultural manager (with SL Rasch). She is also part of the artist duo "Wahlverwandt".