Vom Wald, dem Meer und der Gier

April 19–June 21, 2024
Usual Opening hours Tue–Fr, 2–6 p.m., Saturdays vary
Sat May 18 open from noon to 5 p.m.

April 19, 6 pm, the artist is present

In our first solo exhibition with Berlin-based photo artist Loredana Nemes, we are showing works from two of her series. In the "Greed" cycle, unbridled desire is the theme. Using entangled seagull bodies, Nemes describes the creaturely outburst of energy as an archaic, life-affirming force. The result is symbolic formations of great graphic beauty. The entangled and razor-sharp seagull bodies only become visible through photography. The series of thirteen pictures resembles a musical score and was first shown in 2018 in her major solo exhibition "Gier Angst Liebe" at the Berlinische Galerie. In her latest work "Graubaum und Himmelmeer", Nemes turns to nature for the first time. Over four years and just as many seasons, she photographed the Jasmund beech forest on the island of Rügen. What began as a recreational walk turned into an impressive, long-term photographic observation of this "forest sea landscape". The resulting images are a celebration of the beauty and tranquillity, the power and at the same time the fragility of this graceful landscape. Nemes guides us through the many seasons, telling of the dialog between the elements, the magic of the mist, the clouds and the light. The beech trees on the Königsstuhl certainly reminded Loredana Nemes of the beech forests of her childhood in the Romanian Carpathians and thus explain the deep emotion expressed in her pictures. Her last three books have been published by our publishing house Hartmann Books, in fall 2023 the title "Graubaum und Himmelmeer", which she will also sign at the opening. We are showing the exhibition in collaboration with Galerie Springer Berlin.

About Loredana NemesLoredana Nemes was born in Hermannstadt/Sibiu and came to Germany as a teenager in the mid-1980s. She studied German and mathematics in Aachen and has been working as an artist in Berlin since 2001. She works on photographic series that she develops over a longer period of time. People as individuals, their relationships, their role in social networks and their fragility are themes that drive Loredana Nemes. Her approach is never scientifically cool, but emotionally empathetic, coupled with a keen interest in the question: How can photography translate the world into poetic images?