Since 2017, Ingar Krauss has been portraying sugar beets in their individual form. We are now presenting these "character beets" for the first time at Hartmann Projects, together with other plant typologies as well as works from thematically related series. In addition, we are publishing a portfolio box with 36 large-format sugar beet cards, a poster and a text by Eugen Blume. Ingar Krauss works exclusively in analog, makes all prints himself, and understands photography as an "alchemical image process that is also related to fine art, painting, and printmaking in terms of craftsmanship." (from the accompanying text by Eugen Blume)

Beet campaign, The beet campaign, or the time when sugar beets are harvested, transported to sugar factories, and processed there, usually from October to December. The beet sugar industry is a campaign industry that produces only two to three months of the year, depending on when the beets are harvested.

January 20–March 18, 2023

Booklaunch and artist talk
Ingar Krauss and Bertram Kaschek (Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) are talking about Krauss' work
March 17, 7 p.m.
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January 20, 7 p.m.

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