Violence in the image

Photographer Kevin Kolland explores the concept of violence through various genres of photography and invites visitors to engage in an intense exploration of this topic. Images have the power to influence our opinions, whether overtly and directly or subtly and unconsciously. Through repetition and association with specific themes, patterns emerge that shape our perceptions. In "Violence in Images," Kevin Kolland challenges these patterns and explores the impact of these images on individuals and society. Over a period of more than half a year, Kevin Kolland took his camera into the world of martial arts. From underground fights to professional fights, he not only documented various forms of this discipline, but above all directly portrayed the people behind the sport. In doing so, he deliberately breaks away from simple stereotypes and breaks with common patterns. As a former martial artist with more than 14 years of experience, Kevin Kolland not only has an outside perspective on this complex social issue, but also a personal connection to the subject itself. His work offers a glimpse into a world often shaped by prejudice and stereotypes. A performance will take place at the opening on July 14.
Kevin Kolland, who is studying at the Merz Academy with Prof. Dr. David Quigley, is also presenting his master's thesis as a graduation project with this exhibition.

Friday, July 14 | 7 p.m.
At the opening on July 14, a performance in the form of two short fights will take place around 20:00.
The artist will be present and will have a conversation about his work with Prof. Anja Weber and Domenik Gebhardt, his partner in the artist duo KoGe.

July 14–July 30, 2023

Opening hours
Tue–Fr, 2–6 p.m.
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