Concrete Poetry | Brutalism in Stuttgart

Invitation to a Brutalist Evening
August 5, from 6 p.m.

+ Finally Sue Barr can be present
+ Introduction to the exhibition
+ Film screenings in the car park (»Heimat in 22 Stockwerken«, SWR; »Die Kalte Platte«, Guido Negenborn, Cem Kaya, Chi-Hun Whang, German language only)
One or more glasses of rosé in the courtyard
+ Sue Barr signs her book "Architecture of Transit" etc.
To facilitate the planning for the evening, please register in advance at: (Corona rules of August 5 will apply )

July 10, 2-7 p.m.
Official Opening

May 22 – August 10, 2021
Soft-Opening during the gallery weekend Art Alarm May 22, 11:00–8 p.m.
in our Galleryspace, Galerienhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstr. 48, 70176 Stuttgart
Tue–Fr: 2–7 pm
Sa: 12–4 pm
and during ART ALARM, gallery weekend, May 22/23 Sa 11–8 pm | Su 11–6 pm
Please contact us for a visit: Mob_0178 145 07 19. Currently the rules for "Click and Collect" apply.

With the support of the foundation KUNSTFOND / NEUSTART KULTUR.
In the exhibition, we show these seven buildings:

In der Ausstellung werden folgende sieben Gebäude vorgestellt:
St. Josef Kirche, Heslach
Bonhoeffer Kirche, Möhringen
St. Monika Kirche, Feuerbach
Aussegnungshalle, Friedhof Leinfelden
Wohnstadt Asemwald
Wohnanlage Tapachstraße, Zuffenhausen
ABK Neubau 1, Campus Weißenhof

Following the exhibition "Autobahn" (together with HC Schink, J. Brüggemann) "Concrete Poetry" is Sue Barr's first solo exhibition at Hartmann Projects. The exhibition is developed in collaboration with the State Academy of Fine Arts/ABK Stuttgart (Class for Design, Architecture and Building Typology, Prof. Marianne Mueller with the collaboration of Constantin Hörburger) as part of the "Reallabor Space Sharing / Sharing Brutalism" project.