State Of Nature

30 × 36 cm
172 pages on 2 different papers,
61 color  and 13 b/w images
Texts by Oskar Piegsa and Thomas Glade
Graphic Design by -SYB-
Threadsewn softcover with bellyband-like slipcase
June 2017
ISBN 978-3-96070-010-4
€ 58,-
Signed copies on request

Brief handling instruction
As this book does not have a solid cover it needs to be inserted into the banderole with the cloth covered spine first.


Selected Press
Basler Zeitung
Peter Lindhorst
Financial Times Magazine

“State of Nature” shows the extent that natural­-disaster protection has become part of the European landscape.
Claudius Schulze traveled about 50.000 km across Europe, photographing seemingly picturesque landscapes from a crane platform with a large­-format camera. But each of those idyllic scenes contains imperfec­tions: alpine panoramas are crossed by snow sheds, the North Sea coast is fur­rowed by breakwaters. In each of the pho­tographs, protective structures rise into the landscape. But these pictures are not about defining the boundary between culture and nature. On the contrary: the pho­tographs demonstrate how much the two spheres penetrate each other.