23 × 33 cm | 152 pages | 80 illustrations
Texts by Mark Durant, Steffen Siegel | German / English
Design Pixelgarten, Frankfurt am Main
Softcover with open spine, superimposed boards, and 20-page dust jacket. Colored edges.
December 2017
ISBN 978-3-96070-015-9
45 €

Crossing the border between photography and art objects, the works of Christiane Feser (*1977) interact with paper as a material and as an image support. In the series Partitionen (Partitions) photographs of richly varied modular constellations were manually dissected, modified, and reassembled, producing a sculptural, relief-like work from a two-dimensional photograph. These fascinating images defy a cursory, superficial gaze and demand quiet observation and intensive analysis. One is tempted to touch her images, in order to literally “grasp” or understand them, but this is impossible due to their fragility. Christiane Feser’s works are both playfully light and deeply aesthetic. They raise questions about images and copies, and about the connections between space, surface, and the meaning of light, bringing to mind Walter Benjamin’s famous reflections about originals and reproductions.

This publication presents the series Partitionen (transl. Partitions). Essays by Steffen Siegel and Mark Durant analyze the complex images and the process of their creation and place them in an art-historical context. The precisely and minimalistically designed book-object was created and produced by the Frankfurt-based graphic-design studio Pixelgarten in close collaboration with the artist.