Ein gutes Bild muss scharf sein!

16,5 × 24 cm
Edited by Markus Hartmann
With texts by Daniel Blochwitz,
Matthias Dell, Harald Szeemann
approx. 96 pages, approx. 80 illustrations
Graphic Design Nadine Engler
German edition (world rights available)
Januar 2017
ISBN 978-3-96070-009-8
€ 24,-


This is the first longer biographical text publication on Arnold Odermatt, the policemen from the central Swiss Kanton Nidwalden who became famous with his Karambolage-pictures. As a photographic autodidact he began to document traffic accidents, police service, family and everyday life in postwar Switzerland. Always striving for perfection with his medium format camera he developed a dry somewhat ironical documentary style. His carefully composed pictures of the aftermath of car accidents keep breaking into the unhurried and idillic scenery of the remote Kanton Nidwalden. The authors explain and analyse the visual world he created over five decades as well as describe the discovery and miraculous popularisation of his works through exhibitions, books and media by the movie director Urs Odermatt (his son).