In Between

January 25 – March 9, 2019
Opening: January 25, 19:00, the artist is present
in our Galleryspace, Galerienhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstr. 48, 70176 Stuttgart

The globalization that has occurred over the last two to three decades is characterized by continuous acceleration whose frequency and compulsion are difficult to avoid. Commodities are available to consumers nearly everywhere at any time. Growing streams of raw materials and goods flow around the world at ever-greater speeds. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, it is easier than ever to overcome the limitations of space and time.
Henrik Spohler’s project, In Between, investigates the transit sites that are essential to this worldwide stream of commodities, yet are almost never seen by consumers (that is, most of us). Logistical intersections, such as harbors and freight airports, as well as facilities that have been set up along trade corridors, are areas that cater only to economic functions. Seen alone, these places betray no hint of which country or continent they might be located in. The photographs in this project show the flipside of industrial production and commercial trade. Fictitious-looking motifs from nameless territories in Europe and Asia emerge, spreading out and slicing through landscapes.
In Between consists of fifty-seven photographs taken in Spain, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, China, and Germany.