The exhibition „Habitat“ presents a collage of 8 different photographical series of the last ten years, in which Peter Bialobrzeski deals with urbanistic themes.
It starts with „Neontigers“  in which along aesthetics reminding of „Blade Runner“ and William Gibsons fictional ideas, the idea of futuristic Megacities is explored,.
„Lost in Transition“ researches the areas where urban sprawl fades into nowhere land. „Paradise Now“  presents fragmented hidden spaces where nature has been spared from the forces of urban developement, brightly lit by the luminous glare of inner city light.
„Case Study Homes“  and „Informal Arrangements“  focus on architectural structures in informal, fragile urban settlements in Manila and South Africa.

In "The Raw and the Cooked“ the artist contemplates on the evolution of the global Megalopolis and in “Nail Houses" he focuses on the vanishing historical centers of Shanghai.

Exhibitions can be generated individually, selectively and thematically from the following list of projects:

Neontigers (2004)
13 works 120 x 155 cm
21 works 95 x 120 cm
All works mounted, with mit UV-protection, prepared for exhibitions in crates

Lost in Transition (2007)
3 works 120 x 150 cm, mounted, unframed
2 works 120 x 150 cm, mounted, framed
6 works 60 x 76 cm, passe-partout 70 x 90 cm

Paradise Now (2008)
8 works on weather-resistant panels, 20 sqm

Case Study Homes (2008)
15 works 24 x 30 cm, framed

Informal Arrangements (2008)
3 works 90 x 120 cm
12 works 60 x 80 cm, passe-partout 70 x 90 cm, framed on request

The Raw and the Cooked (2012)
50 works 70 x 90 cm, 40 frames and transport crates available
1 works 126 x 160 cm, framed

Nail Houses (2013)
17 works 60 x 80 cm

Loan conditions and availabilities upon request.