Dec 5–April 17,2021

December 5–January 15, 2021
in our Galleryspace, Galerienhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstr. 48, 70176 Stuttgart
Tue–Fr: 2–7 pm
Sa: 12–4 pm

For 5 years we have been working with photographers, publishing their books, exhibiting their projects. From time to time we also offer a special edition of our books, i.e. the book together with an original work of art in a limited edition. We have published a total of 21 editions in the meantime, all of which we present at a glance.
We complement the exhibition with pictures by Korean artist Nam Tchun-Mo, with and about whom we have published one of the most beautiful German books of the year 2020 (Gold Medal of the Stiftung Buchkunst, designed by Florian Lamm). There is a special edition of 40 unique copies of this book, of which we show a selection of 15 works.

Since exhibitions, like all other cultural activities, are suffering from the current restrictions, we thought we would enjoy ourselves and surround ourselves with our own treasures in the form of books, pictures and editions until next year. Galleries are almost the only cultural branch that is allowed to be open at all, but there are no openings or events. Of course every interested visitor is welcome. We are happy to tell about backgrounds and stories of origins, and those who feel like it can immerse themselves in the world of books on our sofa. Space and distance and sometimes a hot or cold drink are available and the galleries in the gallery house are open.