Bittersweet Bird of Youth

July 27 – August 11 and until September 5, 2018 on request
Guided tours: August 2, 18:00 and September 4, 18:00

»Bittersweet Bird of Youth«
For the end of the Summer 2018 season we present at the space of Marko Schacher/Gallery House Stuttgart an exhibition on portrait photography with 4 very diverse positions by 5 photographers. Tom Hunter, Ingar Krauss, Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler as well as Loredana Nemes represent a broad spectrum of contemporary photography especially in the field of portraiture.
Their pictures deal with identity, adolescence, the feelings of strangeness in your own body or also in your cultural environment.What we appreciate about them is the deeply human background in life and work. The exhibition title refers to the title of the drama by Tennessee Williams „Sweet Bird of Youth“ but modifies the rather ironic, pessimistic undertone of the original to a slightly more melancholic, hopeful prospect. The exhibition spans from the mysteriously melancholic black-and-white pictures of Ingar Krauss for „About a Girl“, the obliviously beautiful faces of the „Monalisen der Vorstädte“ (suburban mona lisa) to the ultra sharp „Greed“ cycle of Loredana Nemes (as well as her portraits for „beyond“ of men in the Turkish, Arabian cafés of Berlin) and Tom Hunters emotional pictures of an endless summer of a bus („le crowbar“) full of young and hopeful friends touring through Europe in the 90’s.