Barr | Brüggemann | Naumann | Schink

May 17 – July 31, 2019
Opening: May 17, 19:00
in our Galleryspace, Galerienhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstr. 48, 70176 Stuttgart

In this group exhibition, we juxtapose images by the English photographer Sue Barr from her work "The Architecture of Transit" (we will publish a book of the same name at the exhibition) about the architecture of the Italian and Swiss motorways between the Alps and Naples, with the images of three German photographers who have dealt with the phenomenon of the motorway north of the Alps with different approaches.
Christoph Naumann - his book "Rauschen Noise" was published by us in 2017 - hiked with his camera, following the A3 from the Austrian border to Duisburg in spring/summer 2015.
Hans-Christian Schink became internationally known in 2001 with his documentary images of the "German Unity Transport Projects". We will show two pictures from this renowned work, which so aptly connects the "Monsters of Infrastructure" (FAZ) with the romantic East German landscape surrounding them.
Jörg Brüggemann photographs the reality of the German highway in his long-term project "Autobahn“. He shows everyday life with and on the highway, the madness and the normality of these traffic routes, which today are almost relics from another era.

With this exhibition in the heart of the Autostadt Stuttgart – which is often mentioned in connection with traffic jam reports, air pollution or Stuttgart 21 –  we want to make a visual statement and stimulate discussion with visitors to the exhibition. We are fascinated, grateful and critical users of Europe's motorways. The aesthetics of the motorway, the intervention in the landscape, the engineering achievements in construction, the scale, the interconnection of Europe, etc., are topics that have been and continue to preoccupy us.